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Sep 04, 2009 by Charles Torvalds

Hi there, do you want help with a project (SEO, site/server optimization, setup, wordpress plugin development, other programming, server issues, security issues, etc.) or need some expert consulting? I'm very comfortable working freelance for clients from all across the globe. I enjoy helping good causes or sites/webmasters similar to mine, and I enjoy making new friends and networking.

Once my services are retained we will communicate any way that works best for you.. Billing is pretty flexible for all services other than SEO, which is billed aggressively: one word: skills.

Rate is $225/hour

Work Policy

I will never waste my time and your money by doing just enough to get paid or meet simple requirements. I deal only in results. I like to understand the root of the problem and discern what the task ultimately is meant to accomplish, and cut straight towards that. I dislike temporary fixes that will need to be re-addressed, preferring a "once-and-for-all" type of solution.


If I can't meet or exceed your expectations initially agreed upon then I will instantly refund 100% of any payments made other then the retainer. I've never had anyone request a refund.


Pay RetainerIf you'd like to hire me, please pay this $25 retainer by clicking the paypal image or here. This is non-refundable but if I can't help you and didn't spend time figuring that out I'll refund it. That also allows us to trust each other's identity as I don't reveal much about myself online to anonymous netizens. Once I have the retainer I will email you all my contact info so we can figure out all the details. The $25 verifies your identity and mine, and pays for the time spent figuring out the details of the job and when to start and that sort of thing.

My rate is $225/hour, though for quick jobs like mod_rewrite or htaccess it's usually only .5 or so of an hour, usually around $75 as I can finish Apache stuff with a quickness. For lengthy projects or hours we can work something out, alot of times for bigger jobs I prefer to charge for the total job, and not by the hour. And of course I'm always interested in performance-based or profit-sharing opportunities.

Ideal Candidate looking to work with me

  1. The right attitudes
  2. Willing to challenge and be challenged
  3. Scrappy & will do whatever it takes
  4. High attention to detail
  5. Want to make history not read it
  6. You have a history of achievement at whatever level you've been at.
  7. You are the best person you know at what you do.
  8. You are faster than fast
  9. You can be competitive but nice at the same time
  10. Skills