Removing Category Base from WordPress URLs

How To remove the /category/ from WordPress category urls.

We're using WP as a CMS with pages and posts. Done a bit of customization, so it looks sweet. Problem - i have some child categories that throw 404 when the category redirect is in place. How did you remove the category base from the url structure in wordpress?

Update: AskApache Password Protect Plugin

The Plugin Control PageWordPress plugin gives you control over HTTP Basic Authentication for your WordPress blog which among other things, stops most automated hacking attempts and exploits being attempted, cutting down on the number of requests, connections, and mysql queries for all WordPress blogs on the Internet.

Firefox Adsense WordPress Plugin

ScreenShot of WordPress Plugin AskApache Firefox AdsenseIf your WordPress blog uses AdSense, and you love Firefox you will love this plugin. When a user downloads and installs Firefox through your referral, we'll credit your account with up to $1.00 (more details).

WordPress Plugin for Apache .htaccess Security

Askapache Password Protect Security Features

  1. gzip's previous .htaccess file and sends it as an attachment to the logged in users email account along with password user setup.
  2. Now also works for sites running on SSL (PHP version >4.3.0)
  3. Rewrote the security module code in the form of snort, nessus, and mod_security rules and signatures
  4. Added a *real* check to see if mod_rewrite is installed
  5. Added Modules that remove directoryindexes
  6. Much more on the way..

WordPress What Is This Plugin

AskApache What Is This Plugin PanelIt shows a semi-transparent box on the document you are viewing that tells you if its a page, single, feed, category, etc..

Tips on Writing WordPress Plugins

WordPress Plugin Template: AskApache PluginsThought I'd give you all the tips and tricks that I've learned and use when developing WordPress plugins.. which can be quite fun!

Updated: WordPress RewriteRules Viewer Plugin

ScreenShot of Update RewriteRules Viewer Plugin for WordPressUpdated to now also show the type of permalink configured for your blog. Including what type of internal permalinking, pathinfo, mod_rewrite, etc.. Also shows contents of blogs current .htaccess file and provides a link to directly edit.

The REAL Way to Optimize AdSense

AdSense Optimized using Colors and PositionOptimizing the position, color, and size of AdSense Ads is confusing. The REAL way to optimize AdSense for clicks and revenue is using variations and measuring the results.

WordPress RewriteRules Viewer

AskApache RewriteRules Viewer Plugin PanelOften I am programming a plugin, or modifying my .htaccess rules, or editing a WordPress template file and I get stuck when it comes to how WordPress rewrites url's internally. This simple plugin displays all the internal WordPress rewrites.

AskApache Search Engine Verify

WordPress Plugin ScreenShot: AskApache Search Engine Verify OptionsYou may not think much about verifying your website with these search engines, but I am of the opinion it is extremely good for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). In fact, I read the other day on Google that if you buy a domain with a checkered past that has been punished by the search engines and you want it to be reincluded in the index this is what they recommended. Verify your sites.