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This impressive device will help you talk that talk -Rihanna.

100% no affiliation, just a simple google chat review. old school style

Awesome WireLess Bluetooth Headset

Awesome WireLess Bluetooth Headset

PC/iphone/skype/gchat/google meetup/gotomeeting headset

First impression:I got mine a couple days ago and it is almost flawless. It has a builtin siri-like voice commands.. comes with 3 different charges.. connected to both my iphone and my pc completely in about 30 seconds with no setup..

Second impression: ya it also has siri capabilities.. volume is really really good... lasts 7 hrs.. works on either ear.. install was 10 seconds to pair to my phone and pc

  • The range from my computer is about 100 ft, but after a 2 walls its more like 55.
  • Sound quality great, music from windows media player, pandora, iphone, etc.
  • And it's comfy, can barely feel it, you can jog with it.

I haven't been this impressed with a product since my iphone (and my new TI calculator). And I'm glad since it was $200

Plantronics Voyager Legend UC

Official Plantronics Site: Voyager Legend UC - $199.95

Know of Anything Better?

Please share any tips!

Talk that Talk


March 5th, 2013

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  • AskApache

    That's rad

  • AskApache

    That's rad

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