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AskApache Google 404 is a must-have WordPress plugin that uses some ajax and a couple tricks to display a very helpful and SEO Error Page. The default displays Google Search Results for images, news, blogs, videos, web, custom search engine, and your own site.

Heads Up: This plugin will boost your SEO over time. And many additional features are in the works!

About the WordPress 404 Plugin

Updated: 06/15/2015
Install Time: 10 seconds to 5 minutes
Install Difficulty: Super Easy

This is one of my required plugins. It turns site errors and lost visitors into happy visitors and site traffic/seo. The goal is just like Google, to get the visitor who reached the error page where they really had meant/wanted to go in as little time as possible. It can help your SEO in many subtle ways.

Demo 404 Error Page

wordpress 404 plugin for Google Search«Take My 404 for a Test-Drive

Google 404 Screenshots

Loading Video... [dl]

Plugin Configuration Panel
AskApache Google 404 WordPress Plugin Configuration Panel

Search Entire Web
Search Entire Web with Google

Search Blogs
Search Blogs

Search Custom Search Engines
Search Custom Search Engines

Search Images
Search Images

Search Online Videos
Search Online Videos


404.php Installation

  1. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress.
  2. Go to your Options Panel and open the "AA Google 404" submenu. /wp-admin/options-general.php?page=askapache-google-404.php
  3. Enter in your Google Search API Key and hit the "Update Key" Button. (Get One)
  4. Add the code to your 404.php template page by including <?php if(function_exists('aa_google_404'))aa_google_404();?> in your main content area.

Frequently Asked 404 Questions

Do I need a Google Account?


Do I need a 404.php template file?

Only if you want to use this for your error page.

My 404.php page isn't being served for 404 Not Found errors!?

Add ErrorDocument 404 /index.php?error=404 to your .htaccess file.

More 404 Info from Google


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