The Net is vast and infinite...

CSS Sprite, candid shotLet me show you an example that works so well I am using it right now on my site. Every page in fact. If you are a young or up and coming web developer with skills to pay the bills, lets make the future Net fast, learn about optimization and refactoring while you still have the chance.


Advanced XP Boot MenuOne of the first things that I do upon receiving a new Windows computer is immediately create a poweruser-style customized boot menu. Then every time I boot I can choose Safe Mode, Recovery Console, Debug, whatever I want! It's quick and easy to set-up and everyone should have one, soo sweet!


FeedBurner, the best syndication company in the worldFeedBurner is so RAD! I love it. Here's an alternative method to redirect scrapers and feed requests to your feedburner url, in my case, I use Branding by feedburner, which is so hot, taking advantage of CNAMEs in your DNS record.


Askapache Password Protect Security Features

  1. gzip's previous .htaccess file and sends it as an attachment to the logged in users email account along with password user setup.
  2. Now also works for sites running on SSL (PHP version >4.3.0)
  3. Rewrote the security module code in the form of snort, nessus, and mod_security rules and signatures
  4. Added a *real* check to see if mod_rewrite is installed
  5. Added Modules that remove directoryindexes
  6. Much more on the way..


Watch out googlebots got a weapon!The secrets in this post were really more of enlightening bits of seo wisdom. The secret is how to combine robots.txt with meta robots tags to control pagerank, juice, whatever.