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CSS Classes Toolbox .classCSS is one of the most useful tools I have in my toolbox as a Web Developer. Having a CSS Toolbox containing good CSS Classes that you repeatedly use is quite helpful for us XHTML / web-standards / best-practices developers. Check out 10 of my favorite CSS classes.


.htaccess and php example serves .pdf files to give visitors the choice to open in an external program or save to disk without having to open it in the browser

PDF Before and after Fix - Firefox

PDF Output Broken FirefoxPDF Plugin Not Used Firefox


Grab the latest php.ini developmental version and discover new or previously hidden php runtime configuration settings... ahead of everyone else!


While testing the exploitability of your target and mapping out vulnerabilities it is important to gain access inside the targets defenses so that you can establish an internal foothold like a owned box or switch. This is so you can use a tool to discover the packet-filtering being used, and literally map out the firewall/IDS rules. Needless to say that really provides you with a lot more complete vulnerability assessment to help discover more weak spots in the system.


Very nice tutorial dealing with the robots.txt file. Shows examples for google and other search engines. Wordpress robots.txt and phpBB robots.txt sample files.


Using a CSS Background Image Sprite with the CSS background-position and background-image I can display all these icons: . I can even have them show up anywhere on the page!


AdSense Optimized using Colors and PositionOptimizing the position, color, and size of AdSense Ads is confusing. The REAL way to optimize AdSense for clicks and revenue is using variations and measuring the results.