Appendix N. Revision History

      This document first appeared as a 60-page HOWTO in the late spring
      of 2000. Since then, it has gone through quite a number of
      updates and revisions. This book could not have been written
      without the assistance of the Linux community, and especially
      of the volunteers of the Linux Documentation Project.

Here is the e-mail to the LDP requesting permission to submit version 0.1.

   1 From Sat Jun 10 09:05:33 2000 -0700
   2 Date: Sat, 10 Jun 2000 09:05:28 -0700 (MST)
   3 From: "M. Leo Cooper" <>
   4 X-Sender: thegrendel@localhost
   5 To:
   6 Subject: Permission to submit HOWTO
   8 Dear HOWTO Coordinator,
  10 I am working on and would like to submit to the LDP a HOWTO on the subject
  11 of "Bash Scripting" (shell scripting, using 'bash'). As it happens,
  12 I have been writing this document, off and on, for about the last eight
  13 months or so, and I could produce a first draft in ASCII text format in
  14 a matter of just a few more days.
  16 I began writing this out of frustration at being unable to find a
  17 decent book on shell scripting. I managed to locate some pretty good
  18 articles on various aspects of scripting, but nothing like a complete,
  19 beginning-to-end tutorial.  Well, in keeping with my philosophy, if all
  20 else fails, do it yourself.
  22 As it stands, this proposed "Bash-Scripting HOWTO" would serve as a
  23 combination tutorial and reference, with the heavier emphasis on the
  24 tutorial. It assumes Linux experience, but only a very basic level
  25 of programming skills. Interspersed with the text are 79 illustrative
  26 example scripts of varying complexity, all liberally commented. There
  27 are even exercises for the reader.
  29 At this stage, I'm up to 18,000+ words (124k), and that's over 50 pages of
  30 text (whew!).
  33 I haven't mentioned that I've previously authored an LDP HOWTO, the
  34 "Software-Building HOWTO", which I wrote in Linuxdoc/SGML. I don't know
  35 if I could handle Docbook/SGML, and I'm glad you have volunteers to do
  36 the conversion. You people seem to have gotten on a more organized basis
  37 these last few months. Working with Greg Hankins and Tim Bynum was nice,
  38 but a professional team is even nicer.
  40 Anyhow, please advise.
  43 Mendel Cooper

Table N-1. Revision History

0.114 Jun 2000Initial release.
0.230 Oct 2000Bugs fixed, plus much additional material and more example scripts.
0.312 Feb 2001Major update.
0.408 Jul 2001Complete revision and expansion of the book.
0.503 Sep 2001Major update: Bugfixes, material added, sections reorganized.
1.014 Oct 2001Stable release: Bugfixes, reorganization, material added.
1.106 Jan 2002Bugfixes, material and scripts added.
1.231 Mar 2002Bugfixes, material and scripts added.
1.302 Jun 2002TANGERINE release: A few bugfixes, much more material and scripts added.
1.416 Jun 2002MANGO release: A number of typos fixed, more material and scripts.
1.513 Jul 2002PAPAYA release: A few bugfixes, much more material and scripts added.
1.629 Sep 2002POMEGRANATE release: Bugfixes, more material, one more script.
1.705 Jan 2003COCONUT release: A couple of bugfixes, more material, one more script.
1.810 May 2003BREADFRUIT release: A number of bugfixes, more scripts and material.
1.921 Jun 2003PERSIMMON release: Bugfixes, and more material.
2.024 Aug 2003GOOSEBERRY release: Major update.
2.114 Sep 2003HUCKLEBERRY release: Bugfixes, and more material.
2.231 Oct 2003CRANBERRY release: Major update.
2.303 Jan 2004STRAWBERRY release: Bugfixes and more material.
2.425 Jan 2004MUSKMELON release: Bugfixes.
2.515 Feb 2004STARFRUIT release: Bugfixes and more material.
2.615 Mar 2004SALAL release: Minor update.
2.718 Apr 2004MULBERRY release: Minor update.
2.811 Jul 2004ELDERBERRY release: Minor update.
3.003 Oct 2004LOGANBERRY release: Major update.
3.114 Nov 2004BAYBERRY release: Bugfix update.
3.206 Feb 2005BLUEBERRY release: Minor update.
3.320 Mar 2005RASPBERRY release: Bugfixes, much material added.
3.408 May 2005TEABERRY release: Bugfixes, stylistic revisions.
3.505 Jun 2005BOXBERRY release: Bugfixes, some material added.
3.628 Aug 2005POKEBERRY release: Bugfixes, some material added.
3.723 Oct 2005WHORTLEBERRY release: Bugfixes, some material added.
3.826 Feb 2006BLAEBERRY release: Bugfixes, some material added.
3.915 May 2006SPICEBERRY release: Bugfixes, some material added.
4.018 Jun 2006WINTERBERRY release: Major reorganization.
4.108 Oct 2006WAXBERRY release: Minor update.
4.210 Dec 2006SPARKLEBERRY release: Important update.
4.329 Apr 2007INKBERRY release: Bugfixes, material added.
5.024 Jun 2007SERVICEBERRY release: Major update.