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Aug 04, 2007 by Charles Torvalds

Throughout the "about" section of, you may encounter phrases or words that require to be properly defined in order to avoid misunderstandings regarding rules, licenses, terms of use etc.

Here follow the forementioned words or phrases and the entity they refer to:

  1. Web Site, website, site, I, we, AskApache: refer to or its administrator.
  2. work, content, material: refer to all articles, syndicated content, software, code that has released.
  3. author, publisher: refer to the entity that releases the content. Since the author is able to publish content directly on this website, these terms almost always refer to the same entity.
  4. You, reader, visitor, commentator, forum poster: refer to each one of those individuals who browse and interact with the website by using an HTTP client.

Note: This page is under continuous construction and maintenance, so check back often for updates.

Information is freedom. Freedom is non-negotiable. So please feel free to modify, copy, republish, sell, or use anything on this site in any way at any time ;)

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The use of "hacker" to mean "security breaker" is a confusion on the part of the mass media. We hackers refuse to recognize that meaning, and continue using the word to mean someone who loves to program, someone who enjoys playful cleverness, or the combination of the two.
-- Richard M. Stallman

It's very simple - you read the protocol and write the code. -Bill Joy

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