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Projects that use libdnet:

  • arpd - ARP daemon
  • arpscan - ARP scanner
  • dhcp-agent - portable Unix DHCP client
  • firewalk - determine firewall/router ACLs remotely
  • fragroute - intercept, modify, and rewrite traffic to a target
  • ganglia - real-time monitoring and execution environment for large-scale computer clusters
  • gdnet - GTK+ interface demonstrating much of libdnet's functionality
  • honeyd - virtual network honeypots
  • ip6sic - IPv6 stack stress-testing tool
  • labrea - simple worm tarpit
  • lsrscan - loose source route scanner
  • lsrtunnel - connection spoofing via loose source routing
  • mplscan - send GRE-tunnelled MPLS packets
  • nmap - the gold standard network scanner
  • nttlscan - quick topology scanner / parallel traceroute
  • Open1x - open-source implementation of IEEE 802.1x
  • ring - OS fingerprinting through TCP rexmit timeouts
  • scapy - interactive packet manipulation program
  • synscan - scriptable TCP/IP test tool for network testing and active OS fingerprinting
  • stegtunnel - IP ID / TCP ISN covert channels
  • ttlscan - TCP SYN scanner with TTL printing
  • unicornscan - distributed scanner
  • vomit - sniff from, and inject into, Cisco IP phone conversations


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