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Asked some hackers and Computer Security gurus to list their 5 favorite Vulnerability/Port Scanners. Here are the results.

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  1. netcat
  2. nmap
  3. hping3
  4. isic
  5. p0f2
  6. sing
  7. nikto
  8. firewalk - Detecting Firewall Rulles
  9. nikto/wnikto - cgi scanner
  10. whisker - cgi scanner with IDS feature
  11. nessus / NewT - Vulnerability scanner
  12. Qualys
  13. eEye Retina
  14. GFI Languard
  15. ISS
  16. Shadow Security Scanner (SSS)
  17. pakketo's scanrand
  18. FX Scanner
  19. Acunetix web vulnerability scanner
  20. IPCScan
  21. SQLRecon
  22. Metasploit
  23. Whax
  24. SoftPerfect Network Scanner - Network Share Scanner
  25. Cain & Abel
  26. autoscan - . integrate some other tools
  27. hydra - Password finder by Brute forcer
  28. Retina - Vulnerability scanner
  29. X-scan3 - Vulnerability scanner GUI & CLI uses nasl
  30. SupperScan - fast port scanner
  31. Dfind - CLI vuln scanner
  32. Sfind - CLI vuln scanner
  33. scan1000 - fast CLI vuln scanner
  34. ScanLine - CLI vuln scanner
  35. GhostPortScanner (GPS) to keep from triggering firewalls
  36. Superscan 3.0 for TCP Scanning
  37. Superscan 4.0 for UDP Scanning
  38. X-Scan v2.3 (nmap + nessus for windows)
  39. Webdavscan.exe for Mass Port 80 Banner
  40. NTscan for IPC$ Passwords
  41. foundstone tools
  42. sara
  43. X-Scan
  45. HSCAN
  46. cheops-ng
  47. dsns
  48. MicrosoftBaseLine - IIS vuln scanner


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