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It's official. is the DreamHost Site of The Month for May, 2008, not only that...

This site is the highest rated DHSOTM winner of all time.

In Your Face Haters

It's been exactly 1 year since this site won the same contest back in May 2007, but this time I did not link to the DHSOTM in either the DreamHost wiki which I have been illegally permanently banned from, or the DreamHost forum, which I have also been permanently banned from ;)

Unlike back in 2007 when I was disqualified by the same people who have now succeeded in banning me from the entire DreamHost community, this time they can't say anything. Proving that no matter how much they badmouth this site DreamHost customers aren't fooled by it, proof of which is their giving me a historic win for the 2nd time.

8.58 - Highest Rated Winner Ever!

DreamHost has been running this contest for a long time, and the high rating that you all gave to me has proved to be historic, making this site the highest rated website in the history of the DHSOTM.

Historic High Rating for DHSOTM

Thanks to Everyone who Voted

I really appreciate eveyone voting for me, its been a tough year having to defend myself against the 2 self-important haters badmouthing me all over the net, and it feels good to have unbiased third-parties validate my belief that this blog is here for everyone with the goal of spreading free knowledge on the art of pimping out websites.

DreamHost User Comments for

If anyone knows anyone at DreamHost, I'd appreciate it if you put in a good word for me to get my rewards account, wiki account, and forum account reactivated. But there is fierce opposition to this happening by 2 individuals, one of whom was just hired as an employee, so I'm not holding my breath :)


Comments Welcome

Information is freedom. Freedom is non-negotiable. So please feel free to modify, copy, republish, sell, or use anything on this site in any way at any time ;)

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