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DreamHost Site Of The Month Winner- AskApacheDreamHost has a contest every month nicknamed "DHSOTM" or DreamHost Site Of The Month, that lets the customers rank websites hosted on DreamHost.

By winning the contest you get to put a graphic designed in the 90's on your site. I have to have that image.

So please, vote for my site!

Thanks To All who've already voted!

"the best"
helped me a lot with things i thought were impossible
"it really is a great site w/ great tips"
"Great tips for getting the most performance from DH!"
"Excellent content."
"Really useful stuff in a good location."
"usefull, keep up the great work"
"A professional looking site that contains a lot of useful articles (this forms a good balance) :)"

Its called the DHSOTM

Each month, one happy, lucky DreamHost customer gets their site anointed the SOTM (Site of the Month!).

The winner each month is the site with the highest average vote with at least 10 votes when the newsletter is written. They will get the honor of being declared the new DreamHost Site of the Month!

Did we mention there are prizes?

They'll also get to choose one of these nifty logos to put on their site:

Lets win the DreamHost Contest or Lets win the DreamHost Contest


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