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Port redirectors are very cool little programs.. They basically redirect data from one port to another, mostly used for hacking

can you please suggest me any tiny and good port redirector for linux and unix like oses ? so that when I connect to the box to a given port it redirects my connection to another box and port that I can chose ? thanx a lot ..

Maybe something like samplicator, socat, nc, vtun? There is a really cool tool out there that is a socket file, like mysql.sock, but it is really a redirector. I use it to connect remotely to mysql servers, when they do not allow remote connections. Ya datapipe is solid also. Samplicator is UDP. socat is probably the best.

socat is far and away the best, as a port redirector basically it's netcat for ports. i use it for redirecting ssh session through tor for reasons best known to myself.... i.e started tor (port 9050) socat tcp4-listen:22,Fork,socksport:9050 then ssh to and it'll bounce your ssh connection via tor

datapipe.c could make it


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