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Apache Module mod_allowmethods

Description: Easily restrict what HTTP methods can be used on the server
Status: Experimental
Module Identifier: allowmethods_module
Source File: mod_allowmethods.c
Compatibility: Available in Apache 2.3 and later


This module makes it easy to restrict what HTTP methods can be used on a server. The most common configuration would be:

<Location "/">
   AllowMethods GET POST OPTIONS
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AllowMethods Directive

Description: Restrict access to the listed HTTP methods
Syntax: AllowMethods reset|HTTP-method [HTTP-method]...
Default: AllowMethods reset
Context: directory
Status: Experimental
Module: mod_allowmethods

The HTTP-methods are case sensitive and are generally, as per RFC, given in upper case. The GET and HEAD methods are treated as equivalent. The reset keyword can be used to turn off mod_allowmethods in a deeper nested context:

<Location "/svn">
   AllowMethods reset


The TRACE method cannot be denied by this module; use TraceEnable instead.

mod_allowmethods was written to replace the rather kludgy implementation of Limit and LimitExcept.