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Apache Module mod_socache_memcache

Description: Memcache based shared object cache provider.
Status: Extension
Module Identifier: socache_memcache_module
Source File: mod_socache_memcache.c


mod_socache_memcache is a shared object cache provider which provides for creation and access to a cache backed by the memcached high-performance, distributed memory object caching system.

This shared object cache provider's "create" method requires a comma separated list of memcached host/port specifications. If using this provider via another modules configuration (such as SSLSessionCache), provide the list of servers as the optional "arg" parameter.

SSLSessionCache memcache:memcache.example.com:12345,memcache2.example.com:12345

Details of other shared object cache providers can be found here.

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MemcacheConnTTL Directive

Description: Keepalive time for idle connections
Syntax: MemcacheConnTTL num[units]
Default: MemcacheConnTTL 15s
Context: server config, virtual host
Status: Extension
Module: mod_socache_memcache
Compatibility: Available in Apache 2.4.17 and later

Set the time to keep idle connections with the memcache server(s) alive (threaded platforms only).

Valid values for MemcacheConnTTL are times up to one hour. 0 means no timeout.

This timeout defaults to units of seconds, but accepts suffixes for milliseconds (ms), seconds (s), minutes (min), and hours (h).

Before Apache 2.4.17, this timeout was hardcoded and its value was 600 usec. So, the closest configuration to match the legacy behaviour is to set MemcacheConnTTL to 1ms.

# Set a timeout of 10 minutes
MemcacheConnTTL 10min
# Set a timeout of 60 seconds
MemcacheConnTTL 60