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Aug 04, 2007 by Charles Torvalds

Please, read the definitions page before continuing.

The AskApache website layout, all articles/posts/pages and syndication feeds are published under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License. Here is the full Legal Code. Please read the license documents thoroughly before using any published work.

In short, according to the forementioned license:

  • Attribution - You must attribute the work in the manner specified by the author or licensor. This info is outlined below.


The author retains full copyright of all published content, unless an article, excerpt or code snippet is attributed to another author.

Attribution Guidelines

This section explains how you should attribute our work.

In the case you use excerpts of our articles, you should attribute the excerpt to the original article's author and include one HTML hyperlink to the full version of the original article on

In the case you republish or reproduce our articles in their entirety or publish derivative works, you must attribute the work using English language according to the following scheme:

<derivative work> by <you> is based on <original work> by <original author> and is released under the terms of the <original license>

<original work> should be a HTML hyperlink to the full version of the original article on and <original author> should be a HTML hyperlink to our homepage ( The hyperlinks must not be hidden or invisible, either by a bad color scheme or by a small font size.

Additional Licensing Info

For all content that has been published under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License the following additional restrictions/conditions also apply and should be strictly followed:

  • This work or any derivative works cannot be sub-licensed. Only a license identical to this one can be used.
  • This work or any derivative works cannot be used for any kind of promotion of any product or service, free or commercial.
  • All the above conditions and guidelines can be waived only by the author's hand-written and signed permission.

Software License

All the above statements and conditions do not necessarily apply to software released by The software is published under the terms of a license that is clearly stated within the code or distributed inside the software's compressed package.

If a piece of software is released without any license information, then it follows the license scheme expressly stated in this page.

All software that has been released under the terms of the 2nd version of the General Public License GPLv2, remains subject to the GPLv2 until further notice, despite the fact that the 3rd revision of the license has been released. Please read the relevant announcement.

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