Success comes before work only in the dictionary

Love this Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto in D Major by Jinjoo Cho. One of the great things about Violin concertos is how uniquely they can be played. This is a beautiful way to play this classic.

Success only comes before work in the dictionary

In all things CS the best are defined by either extraordinary natural talent + great work ethic, or just plain old great work ethic by itself.. but the ones I love to admire are those who gained the title of "best" through dedicated hard work and constant learning. Some exceptions exist for the once in a generation coders (or musicians like Miles Davis, my personal fav), but note that unless they applied themselves we wouldn't even know about them.

Shoot for the stars, and you may just end up on the moon, which is much higher than 99.9999% of humans have been at this point. Though ironically, the moon is much closer. To scale, the moon is 40 feet away, while the closest star "the sun" would be 3 miles away.

Or, I may just enjoy this as a sometime amateur violinist (guitar/drums/piano). This piece and composition and execution, just fantastic.

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