What I think about DreamHost Web Hosting

NOTE: This is a very old post, I do NOT recommend DreamHost for anyone other than spammers. They are not a long-term solution.

I was on my way offline and on my way out I saw this About Us page on the DreamHost site... They're special? Ya no kidding haha :)

I've been on DreamHost going on 2 years now and for all of you who read my blog you know how much I value the unmatched level of service, options, and support that DH offers for pennies. They are still a small company, but the system setup is second to none because they are all BSD/Linux guys and gals, and sometimes I wonder if anyone even works at DreamHost besides the support staff who are literally their 24/7.. for some reason I always get the impression they are eating pizza or playing video games in the background..

This is still their company, the same group who started it originally from what I hear, so they seem to be enjoying themselves and they make sure they provide us with real value and it just doesn't quit, every month for the past 24 something has noticeably been improved, they actually let us customers vote for whatever we want.. and we get it!

The number, quality, and high-value usefulness of the features Dreamhost is offering is truly unbelievable. In the past I've been through hellish experiences with past hosting providers who barely could operate a windows computer, let alone a server cluster running BSD... I'm not even going to try to list the many features.... Ok I'll list some of my fav's.. Static IP address's on-demand, near limitless mysql databases, SSH shell access, RUBY, PERL, PHP, unlimited subdomains, $10 NAME REGISTRATIONS, suexec security, backups, .htaccess, Apache 1 or 2, etc.. It's perfect for everyone but its especially good for programmers, developers or entrepreneurs looking to make some cash.

This is why many of the worlds most-respected web developers and designers are flocking to dreamhost. I found it thanks to, and now I'm telling you.