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Discover who’s tracking you online with Collusion

collusion firefox addonThe collusion add-on for Firefox is super-legit. Just navigate to any website normally, then just click the little collusion icon in the status bar and a full detailed report pops up in a new tab describing all the sites that the current site shared your data with (shared as in connected).

View the full introduction to Collusion on, or view my Firefox Add-on Collection: AskApache Web Development (Advanced)

Firefox Add-ons for Web Developers

askapache favorite addonsAdvanced Web Development by AskApache is a Firefox Collection I created since I'm always trying new Addons out and using multiple computers and I wanted a quick and easy way to install my favorite's and keep a running list. Firebug, YSlow, LastPass, and Web Developer are the only ones I always use regularly.

I like the idea of the but it's not as powerful as the site, which is awesome. Lately listening to Kings of Leon Radio...

Surf the net anonymously with Tor

Tor LogoTor is a network of virtual tunnels that give you a very good level of anonymity, using Tor with privoxy and FoxTor for firefox gives you privacy at the touch of a button.

CSS Cross-Browser Compatibility Tip

Epiphany 2.18What I used to do when I was still learning CSS was to check the web page in each of the various problematic browsers to make sure the display stayed the same. I have several actual machines and several vmware virtual machines running various browers but I decided to skip all that extra time and effort and just use an online tool to do it for me. The tool views my page in all the various browsers and generates a screenshot image from each browser so that I can see if there are issues with my CSS.

Firefox, Firebug, and yslow are REQUIRED

A lot of the past and upcoming articles on AskApache are focused on speeding up a server or website, or just making things more efficient. I'm starting several speed tip articles that require the following 3 programs if you want to follow along, that is... if you can keep up! ;)

Alexa Toolbar Add-On for Firefox Works!

Alexa Toolbar Add-On for FirefoxThis is the 10th anniversary of the Alexa Toolbar, July 17, 1997. Do you remember what the Net looked like back then? Netscape was the most popular browser. AOL had released it's first Instant Messenger program in Beta. Jodie Foster's new movie Contact was number one at the box office.

Trace Email Back to the Sender

Locate the sender of an email and their geographical location, including messages sent through anonymous email services like Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail.

Regular Expressions in Dreamweaver

Find and Replace tool in Adobe DreamWeaver is useful of course, but you aren't using a fraction of the power until you use REGEX.