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I was over at Alex King's blog today checking out his mobile web plugin for wordpress and I noticed some fresh podcasts from some of the industry's finest. The feeds are .mp3 and are easy to find and browse on the site. They have some pretty nice articles over there as well..

Random Bits Podcast with Alex King - Episode 11

Interview with Alex King - a WordPress developer, WordPress plugin developer, ShareThis creator and web designer.

Random Bits Podcast with Eric Meyer, Part 2 - Episode 10

Part 2 of a conversation with CSS master Eric Meyer. Eric has written several books on CSS (including "Cascading Style Sheets: The Definitive Guide" for O'Reilly and Associates), founded the css-discuss mailing list, maintained CSS support charts, and presented at a wide variety of conferences.

Random Bits Podcast with Eric Meyer, Part 1 - Episode 9

A conversation with CSS master Eric Meyer.

Random Bits Podcast with Chris Garrett, Part 2 - Episode 8

Part 2, Chris Garrett is a professional blogger and in this podcast he shares his blogging experience.

Random Bits Podcast with Chris Garrett, Part 1 - Episode 7

Chris Garrett is a professional blogger and in this podcast he shares his blogging experience.

Random Bits Podcast with Craig Newmark - Episode 6

Craig took the time to have a phone call with me last week and not only is he the brains behind craigslist; but he is also the heart behind it. Craig tells us some reasons why he feels craigslist has grown as much as it has and why it will continue to do us. Listen to this interesting podcast and learn a little more about the man behind the list.

Random Bits Podcast with Lee Dodd - Episode 5

Lee Dodd is very well known in the web industry for being a successful community owner and has recently branched out into teaching!

Lee shares some tips on community building and gives us personal examples with which we can relate. One of Lee's tips is to not monetize a community (or any website for that matter) until you reach at least 500 visits a day! I hadn't really looked at things that way. Lee also talks about the elite retreat and who can benefit from attending such an event!

Random Bits Podcast with Peter Flaschner - Episode 4

I have been a fan of and their business model for over a year now so I jumped at the opportunity to interview Peter!

Peter is someone who has experience in running a business in the Brick and Mortar sense, and he took his dream of an online business and made it a reality. He points out some great things to consider when starting an online business. The Blog Studio is a web development company based in Toronto, who work globally! They have set themselves apart from other web dev firms by targeting a niche market which we discuss. Have a listen and enjoy some of his insight!

Random Bits Podcast with Sitepoint Founders, Matt Mickiewicz and Mark Harbottle - Episode 3

In this interview, Matt Mickiewicz and Mark Harbottle tell us how started and how it grew from its grassroots to the thriving web community it is today. They really do demonstrate why the forum has retained such a community feel by showing that members come first.

Random Bits Podcast with Dan McComb, Co-founder of - Episode 2

If you do not know Dan, you soon will. Dan is the co-founder of, a site that offers Business Networking that Doesnt Suck. is growing rapidly from a local Seattle group to a global community and it is definitely getting noticed. Biznik is hosting Seattles first indie business conference, BizJam on June 9, 2007. If you are in the Seattle area, definitely check it out.

Random Bits Podcast with Rand Fishkin, - Episode 1

In this, our inaugural podcast, we talk with Rand Fishkin - Search Engine Optimization specialist for Rand gives some optimization advice to help you optimize your website. He also explains the new Premium Membership that now offers and finishes with a few personal questions! Who knew that Rand Fishkin would be iPod-less!

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