Web design is a process of conceptualization, planning, modeling, and execution of electronic media delivery via Internet in the form of Markup language suitable for interpretation by Web browser and display as Graphical user interface (GUI).

Introducing the Online Figlet ASCII Generator

Look at the text "askapache". That's pretty boring huh? It would be cool to have a nerdy textual representation of that for extra nerdy stuff like styling my /robots.txt file, email list signatures, forum sigs, etc. But who has time to create that by hand? If only there were an online tool to create it..



Adding a PayPal Donate Now to Site

Adding a PayPal "Donate Now" button to your site is really easy. All you need is a paypal account, once logged in you can use the helpful wizard that walks you through the very quick and easy process.

No Budget Developer Wishlist

Night Sky
  • I need no software, I lack for nothing when it comes to software. winners don't do warez
  • Well obviously if I could have anything I would want access to NSA computing power, googles server farms as a backup, and the worlds most expensive computer monitor the size of my wall with virtual screens as big as I want and touch screen and 3d and holograms.
  • I would want the best office chair made for comfort.
  • Developer Wishlist …

Bayonetta Trailer

You've probably seen this.. one of THE coolest video games I've ever seen (though I haven't played).. Its tempting me back to MLG.. Games are games today, but in the future Gaming Skill will be highly sought after.. So I check in with the gaming world occasionally, I'd hate to miss something like a new Duke-Nukem (cancelled after 10 years in development and no releases).

I have around 10 really nice articles I've been working on for awhile now, my problem is that I am a perfectionist, so I keep finding improvements.. worth it.

Update: Best Free Online Banking

WaMu Reincarnation!

Man I was bummed about WaMu folding, they had the best banking site I've seen, and I've worked on a few myself. And of course the biggest reason to love WaMu was that they actually paid YOU to borrow your money to lend to other people. Can you even imagine that level of decency existing in the world? It's been taken to such a low level by Chase I almost forget how to spell it.

So I picked up my October issue of Wired to try and forget about such tragedies, and on the first page I flipped to was a 1/3 page advertisement for a bank that didn't beat around the bush at all. No fine print of any kind, just loud and clear message that they will pay you to be their banking customer. I wasted no time and quickly checked out the site, and within 5 minutes of landing on their homepage I was a customer, and a very happy one. Even the name of this bank makes it clear they are not in the Microsoft Family Business with Chase and the other corporate pirates.

The Song from the commercial

KT Tunstall- Drastic Fantastic Album started going after Google with a TV commercial highlighting all the extra content-rich features available in the search results.

The commercial is a very effective piece of marketing, and the song is pretty good too!

Random Bits, the podcast that gives you an insiders view

I was over at Alex King's blog today checking out his mobile web plugin for wordpress and I noticed some fresh podcasts from some of the industry's finest. The feeds are .mp3 and are easy to find and browse on the site. They have some pretty nice articles over there as well..

The Final Countdown – Mario Bros Style

Tupac here is using the new youtube-nocookie option, which is a slight improvement.. but flash from youtube is always gonna be slow as they are obsessed with user-metrics and pushing content at us..

Like those behind Vista, they seem to believe we all have state-of-the-art supercomputers and datacenters like they do.

I'm staying old school, resist the gui!