Love this Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto in D Major by Jinjoo Cho. It's a unique way to play this. The point in posting this is, success only comes before work in the dictionary.. and yes I also mean that literally. And not just normal 9-5 work, that's an inside joke to slavers. I mean hard work, which just means putting in extra effort and working to improve, not just working for the sake of having a job.

In all things CS the best are defined by either extraordinary natural talent + great work ethic, or just plain old great work ethic by itself.. but the ones I love are those who gained the title of "best" through dedicated hard work and constant learning. Shoot for the stars, and you may just end up on the moon, which is much higher than 99.9999% of humans have been at this point.

Also, I just like this song as an amateur violinist :) Well, actually "love". This piece and composition and execution, fantastic. -- and, Jinjoo Cho won the Gold medal in my city at The International Violin Competition of Indianapolis 2014 at Carnegie Hall.

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