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I just received an email (I'm a VIP) from the Compete Search Analytics Team announcing that their service is now open to the public. Normally this would have 0 effect on me, I'm not really into SEO, but this online tool is incredible and you can try it free! You have got to try it, its very very nice.

Compete Search Analytics officially opened to the public! It rocks!

Compete Search Analytics make it easy for you to:

  • Identify new relevant keywords for possible bids
  • Learn competitor's search strategies
  • Track performance of specific keywords against competitors
  • Find the search terms that drive the most engaged visitors

Keyword Referrals

Enter keywords or phrases to find the most often referred domains.

Keyword ReferralsThe Keyword Referral tool helps you understand what sites are benefiting the most from keyword phrases of interest. The tool helps you understand which sites are drawing the most traffic from each keyword phrase and how important different phrases are to each site for generating high quality traffic.

Site Referrals

Enter a website to find the most often referring keywords or phrases.

Site ReferralsThe Site Referral tool helps you understand what keywords are driving traffic to specific websites or categories. The tool highlights the most popular terms for your competitors and the market you're interested in, and the quality of the traffic websites generate from their search referrals.

Compare Sites

Enter two websites to compare keyword referrals to those sites.

Compare SitesThe Comparison tool helps you understand how your search referrals stack up against other sites. The analytics in the report can help you see where any competitive gaps are and highlight opportunities to improve your search tactics.

From their VIP Email

We love feedback and read every piece that comes in. If you have any suggestions, concerns or comments please contact us at membersupport [at] Additionally, if you haven't already done so, feel free to join the Compete Search Analytics Group and get involved in the discussion. Free Trial...Check Out Compete Search Analytics! As a valued member of the Compete community, you have been awarded 10 free credits to try out Compete Search Analytics. These credits can be used to run site, keyword and site comaprison reports, and should help you get a better on how to use this exciting new tool. To use these credits, go to and login using your MyCompete user name and password. All the best, The Team Compete, Inc. Named Third Fastest Growing Company in Deloitte's 2006 Technology Fast 50 Program for New England

So there you have it. If you don't want to try the tool you should at least check out their fabulous search engine insiders blog. You might just discover you are 1 of 100 "undiscovered" web sites!


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