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Isn't WP-Cache an incredibly useful plugin? If I was only allowed to have one plugin for my WordPress blogs, hands-down I'd choose WP-Cache.

AskApache Crazy Cache lets you cache all the posts on your blog at once.

I've used some advanced features of libcurl and fsockopen to make sure that this caching action doesn't overwhelm your server or result in redundant requests. That could slow down your blog, which I would never, ever, allow, I am very interested in this stuff.. speedy sites that is.

AskApache Crazy Cache WordPress PluginI always wanted the ability to cache all my posts on my blog whenever I wanted, and WP-Cache doesn't let you do that. So a few months ago I hacked together this kick-butt plugin to do exactly that.


AskApache Crazy Cache WordPress Plugin


This plugin is one of those idiot-proof installations, nuff said.


Want More Speed?

I love you guys and girls who want a faster Internet, we rock. So check these out.


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