No Budget Developer Wishlist

Night Sky

  • I need no software, I lack for nothing when it comes to software. winners don't do warez
  • Well obviously if I could have anything I would want access to NSA computing power, googles server farms as a backup, and the worlds most expensive computer monitor the size of my wall with virtual screens as big as I want and touch screen and 3d and holograms.
  • I would want the best office chair made for comfort.
  • an iphone docking station to keep my phone charging and docked on my desk
  • an F5 device I could beat up gangland style with a baseball bat, and an F5 device I could install locally and experiment with until I had it mastered
  • an ipad to read emails on the treadmill and view websites while mobile
  • I would love to have my adobe software paid for, it's costing me like 50/month for dreamweaver and photoshop
  • love to have a enterprise battery backup
  • love to have a satellite link for fast internet access even during a power outage and anywhere on the planet so i could use encrypted shells and be on a safe network anywhere
  • really wish I had a a few thousand terabytes of raid storage for redundant and safe back ups and storage of everything.. EVERYTHING.
  • wish I had a new ti-92 (not 89) calculator which I used to use all the time for CSS work and programming.. then it broke :(
  • it would be great to get a mainframe in my office to run virtual servers off of
  • wouldn't mind access to a work vehicle, preferably electric like googles employee electric cars
  • I'd love a dedicated computer and monitor just for my email
  • I'd love a million dollar gift certificate to buy tech books on amazon
  • How about a 5k worth of high-end super tiny thumb drives so I can bring live operating systems with me to run from ram
  • I need a high end (or heck low end) ear phones for my iphone with a mic so I can use skype without having to hold my phone so i can type
  • i wish I had a small fridge in my office stocked with mountain dew and starbucks double shots and candy, the good kind
  • gosh I could really go on for days and days and days and love drooling but gotta crash..

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