WaMu Reincarnation!

Man I was bummed about WaMu folding, they had the best banking site I've seen, and I've worked on a few myself. And of course the biggest reason to love WaMu was that they actually paid YOU to borrow your money to lend to other people. Can you even imagine that level of decency existing in the world? It's been taken to such a low level by Chase I almost forget how to spell it.

So I picked up my October issue of Wired to try and forget about such tragedies, and on the first page I flipped to was a 1/3 page advertisement for a bank that didn't beat around the bush at all. No fine print of any kind, just loud and clear message that they will pay you to be their banking customer. I wasted no time and quickly checked out the site, and within 5 minutes of landing on their homepage I was a customer, and a very happy one. Even the name of this bank makes it clear they are not in the Microsoft Family Business with Chase and the other corporate pirates.

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