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How Relevant Is .htaccess?

Scale is based on the average worldwide traffic of htaccess in all years.


.htaccess vs. htaccess

comparing .htaccess and htaccess seo

htaccess vs. httpd.conf

htaccess vs. httpd.conf

mod_rewrite vs. mod_security

comparing mod_rewrite and mod_security

Web Server Comparisons

Of course IIS is well-known to someone like me... but who cares about the big servers when small, light, super-fast servers are on the rise? See this Comparison of Web Servers.

Apache HTTP vs. Windows IIS

Apache or Microsoft IIS

Fnord, Nginx, LightHttpd

Fnord what is going on?

Which light server is popular

Web Programming Comparisons

An interesting look at the search engine trends of programming languages out there today...

Did Ruby Pass Perl!

Keep in mind that Google may be interpreting "ruby" to be a precious stone... and what is a "perl" exactly? ;)

Ruby vs Perl Programming Language

Perl vs. PHP, Old Debate

Is it Perl or PHP


Wow. Big surpise there ;)

Well at least something is drastically up

Treo vs. Blackberry vs. Palm

I love my Blackberry Curve! I used to love my Sony Clie, and I won't forget my many Palms!

Treo vs. Blackberry vs. Palm

AskApache WebSite

Google Trends also lets you compare websites, I can't believe its been over a year for, thanks for stopping by! Google Rank

Google Trends - Rocks!

Fun, free, and helpful tool from who else? Google Trends by Google Labs


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