A souped-up version of the Apache printenv script for hard-core server environment debuggery.

echo -e "Content-type: text/plainnn"
   for p in `echo /proc/[0-9]*/cmdline`;
    [[ $pid == $PPID || $pid == $$ ]] && continue;
    __M "[ /proc/$pid ]";
    sed 's/x00/ /g;G' $p 2>/dev/null


If you have a php.cgi or php.ini file in your /cgi-bin/ directory or other pub directory, try requesting them from your web browser. If your php.ini shows up or worse you are able to execute your php cgi, you'll need to secure it ASAP. This shows several ways to secure these files, and other interpreters like perl, fastCGI, bash, csh, etc.


apache-server-statusSo my blog as been rather quiet for almost a year now, and very few updates if any have been released for my Password Protection PLugin, my Google 404 Plugin, and definately not for my AskApache CrazyCache plugin, which I will be releasing last... So for all of you who've helped me out by sending me suggestions and notifying me of errors and sticking with it... Just wanted to say sorry about that, and thanks for all the great ideas.. Well, I've been sticking with it as well believe it our not. I manage to get free days once in a while, and then its time to jam.