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Serving WebP images for PNG and JPG files

Serving WebP images for PNG and JPG filesOne of the biggest speed bottlenecks of sites today are images, specifically unoptimized images or large scaled images. With Apaches Rewrite module we can convert all existing jpegs and png files (and most gifs) to webp, then transparently rewrite them so that a request for img.png from a browser that supports webp will receive img.webp.

Apache Logging for Remote Addresses using X-Forwarded-For

Debugging HTTP Cache Headers with Wireshark

Boosting Googles PageSpeed Module with TMPFS

Boosting Googles PageSpeed Module with TMPFSGoogle's mod_pagespeed speeds up your site and reduces page load time. This open-source Apache HTTP server module automatically applies web performance best practices to pages, and associated assets (CSS, JavaScript, images), all transparently like a Squid Proxy.

With TMPFS you can dramatically improve the speed of mod_pagespeed and the webpages served by it. TMPFS will store/serve the optimized PageSpeed output directly from RAM!

Questions I Ask Web Hosting Companies, Before Buying

The following is a transcript of a chat I had with a company called tektonic, and at that time I was looking for a cheap linux host to use for some redundancy/failover operations. I generally contact a new hosting company like this every few months.. I like to have options available in case of some kind of failure or network attack, so it's always a good idea to have a few ace linux servers in your back pocket.

If you've read any other articles on AskApache, you can see a certain obsession towards optimization, speed, and security -- so that is the purpose of the following questions.

DreamHost’s Private Servers Finally Rooted

Enhanced printenv Script for Server Debugging

A souped-up version of the Apache printenv script for hard-core server environment debuggery.

echo -e "Content-type: text/plainnn"
   for p in `echo /proc/[0-9]*/cmdline`;
    [[ $pid == $PPID || $pid == $$ ]] && continue;
    __M "[ /proc/$pid ]";
    sed 's/x00/ /g;G' $p 2>/dev/null

Failover SSH for Linux Web Hostmasters

Free DNS Services

Optimize a Website for Speed, Security, and Easy Management

Learn how to setup, configure, secure, optimize, and create a low-maintenance website the AskApache way. I'm piecing together all the hacks, tricks, methods, and ideas discussed throughout this blog and all across Netdom and glueing them all together to show you how to have the most optimized, crazy fastest, and best website setup I can think of.

DreamHost ProcWatch May 2008 DreamHost Site of The Month

With a rating of 8.58, this marks the highest rated DreamHost Site Of The Month Winner in the History of the Contest!

Upgrading to DreamHost Private Servers

DreamHost PS gives you your own "virtual machine", protecting your CPU and RAM on your physical machine for faster websites. Here's what I like and dislike about DreamHostPS, and some of the issues and solutions for migrating.

Lets win the DreamHost Contest

DreamHost Site Of The Month Winner- AskApacheDreamHost has a contest every month nicknamed "DHSOTM" or DreamHost Site Of The Month, that lets the customers rank websites hosted on DreamHost.

By winning the contest you get to put a graphic designed in the 90's on your site. I want it so bad!

Apache Directives and Modules on DreamHost

Apache .htaccess Directives and Loaded Modules allowed on DreamHost Apache Server 2 Setups.

What I think about DreamHost Web Hosting

NOTE: This is a very old post, I do NOT recommend DreamHost for anyone other than spammers. They are not a long-term solution.

Using ModSecurity on DreamHost with .htaccess

Rigging the DreamHost Site of the Month Contest

Since I was disqualified and accused of cheating, which is absolutely false, I decided to go ahead and do the crime I have been punished for. That's right, I'm going to show YOU how I could have rigged the DHSOTM contest to hopefully make the statement that I absolutely did not cheat and I absolutely want to be re-instated as the winner.

Multiply your DreamHost Referrals

DreamHost Referral IncomeLearn how to make YOUR DreamHost promo codes work much better for YOU! This is not about promo-codes, this is about a simple method you should implement.

DreamHost Server IP Address List

A list of all DreamHost Servers and corresponding IP address. The DNS zone is currently having troubles, so most hostnames within this zone are not resolving.

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