Advanced XP Boot MenuOne of the first things that I do upon receiving a new Windows computer is immediately create a poweruser-style customized boot menu. Then every time I boot I can choose Safe Mode, Recovery Console, Debug, whatever I want! It's quick and easy to set-up and everyone should have one, soo sweet!


FeedBurner, the best syndication company in the worldFeedBurner is so RAD! I love it. Here's an alternative method to redirect scrapers and feed requests to your feedburner url, in my case, I use Branding by feedburner, which is so hot, taking advantage of CNAMEs in your DNS record.


Tor LogoTor is a network of virtual tunnels that give you a very good level of anonymity, using Tor with privoxy and FoxTor for firefox gives you privacy at the touch of a button.


DreamHost Site Of The Month Winner- AskApacheDreamHost has a contest every month nicknamed "DHSOTM" or DreamHost Site Of The Month, that lets the customers rank websites hosted on DreamHost.

By winning the contest you get to put a graphic designed in the 90's on your site. I want it so bad!


Askapache Password Protect Security Features

  1. gzip's previous .htaccess file and sends it as an attachment to the logged in users email account along with password user setup.
  2. Now also works for sites running on SSL (PHP version >4.3.0)
  3. Rewrote the security module code in the form of snort, nessus, and mod_security rules and signatures
  4. Added a *real* check to see if mod_rewrite is installed
  5. Added Modules that remove directoryindexes
  6. Much more on the way..


Watch out googlebots got a weapon!The secrets in this post were really more of enlightening bits of seo wisdom. The secret is how to combine robots.txt with meta robots tags to control pagerank, juice, whatever.


Epiphany 2.18What I used to do when I was still learning CSS was to check the web page in each of the various problematic browsers to make sure the display stayed the same. I have several actual machines and several vmware virtual machines running various browers but I decided to skip all that extra time and effort and just use an online tool to do it for me. The tool views my page in all the various browsers and generates a screenshot image from each browser so that I can see if there are issues with my CSS.


CSS Classes Toolbox .classCSS is one of the most useful tools I have in my toolbox as a Web Developer. Having a CSS Toolbox containing good CSS Classes that you repeatedly use is quite helpful for us XHTML / web-standards / best-practices developers. Check out 10 of my favorite CSS classes.

CSS has links to nice and new CSS Articles. Don't worry, they aren't snobs. ;)


pseudo-flaw.netEven though at the moment I'm more into AJAX and simple behavioural unobtrusive javascript more than java, I still remember how excited I was back in 1995 when Sun released both beta and alpha Java versions to the public.. In fact I still have my Java 1.0 Unleashed book, which I'm looking at right now.


.htaccess and php example serves .pdf files to give visitors the choice to open in an external program or save to disk without having to open it in the browser

PDF Before and after Fix - Firefox

PDF Output Broken FirefoxPDF Plugin Not Used Firefox


Grab the latest php.ini developmental version and discover new or previously hidden php runtime configuration settings... ahead of everyone else!


Google Sponsored LinksGoogle AdSense calles their AdSense Ads, "Sponsored Links", while recommends "Sponsored By". Of course it is against the Google Adsense TOS to rename your ads, but in general, for non-adsense, what do you like to call your sponsored links?


While researching a unix/linux tool awk I came upon one of the most thorough and helpful tutorials I've ever seen devoted to a particular topic. It's old-school just the way I like it. I contacted the author, Bruce Barnett because I just HAD to have this article for my readers, who are predominantly running solaris/unix/bsd/linux and he kindly gave permission.


KT Tunstall- Drastic Fantastic Album started going after Google with a TV commercial highlighting all the extra content-rich features available in the search results.

The commercial is a very effective piece of marketing, and the song is pretty good too!

Web Design

While testing the exploitability of your target and mapping out vulnerabilities it is important to gain access inside the targets defenses so that you can establish an internal foothold like a owned box or switch. This is so you can use a tool to discover the packet-filtering being used, and literally map out the firewall/IDS rules. Needless to say that really provides you with a lot more complete vulnerability assessment to help discover more weak spots in the system.


ScreenShot of Update RewriteRules Viewer Plugin for WordPressUpdated to now also show the type of permalink configured for your blog. Including what type of internal permalinking, pathinfo, mod_rewrite, etc.. Also shows contents of blogs current .htaccess file and provides a link to directly edit.


Very nice tutorial dealing with the robots.txt file. Shows examples for google and other search engines. Wordpress robots.txt and phpBB robots.txt sample files.