budgefeeney/amixtureofmusings/master/.htaccess - Htaccess File


# MIME types
AddType text/css .css
AddType text/html .html
AddType text/xml .xml
AddType application/font-woff .woff

# The feed is an atom feed
<Files "feed.xml">
  AddType application/atom+xml .xml

# Set the correct encodings and language
DefaultLanguage en-GB
AddDefaultCharset UTF-8
AddCharset UTF-8 .html
AddCharset UTF-8 .css
AddCharset UTF-8 .xml

# Allow caching of static resources
ExpiresActive on
ExpiresDefault                      "access plus 1 week"
ExpiresByType image/png             "access plus 1 month"
ExpiresByType application/font-woff "access plus 1 month"
ExpiresByType application/atom+xml  "access plus 1 hour"
ExpiresByType text/html             "access plus 0 seconds"

# Enable strict transport security with a max age of 120 days
Header set Strict-Transport-Security "max-age=10368000" env=HTTPS

# Security options
Options -MultiViews -Indexes

# Trailing slash
RewriteEngine On
RewriteBase /
DirectorySlash Off

RewriteRule ^(.*)/$ $1 [R=301,L]

RewriteRule ^([wd/-]+)$ $1/index.html [L,T=text/html]

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