alon/polinax/master/libs/external_libs/python-yadis-1.1.0/examples/apache/.htaccess - Htaccess File


# This file is a Apache configuration file for setting up a
# YADIS-enabled identity URL.

# This section enables the special header that makes a URL a YADIS
# identity URL. If this header is present, the file is not required to
# have any particular content or MIME type.
<Files home.html>
    # Add the X-YADIS-Location header to successful responses
    # Replace the URL with the URL for your YADIS service discovery document.
    Header onsuccess set X-YADIS-Location 

# This section tells Apache what content-type to use for the YADIS
# services document. In order for the content-negotiation optimization
# to work, the Web server is required to return this specific
# content-type for the YADIS services document.
# If you ever are hosting a YADIS services document, you should set
# the content-type returned for the file to this value, regardless of
# how the file is accessed.
<Files yadis.xml>
    # Make sure that Apache serves the YADIS services document as the
    # correct content-type.
    ForceType application/xrds+xml

# This section is the first step to enabling content negotiation for
# the identity URL. It tells Apache that this file is a type-map file,
# which will be used to dispatch to the appropriate content based on
# the form of the request.
<Files identity>
    # Tell apache that this file is a type-map that should be handled
    # by mod_negotiation
    SetHandler type-map

# This section is only applicable when content negotiation is
# enabled. It prevents direct requests for the content that is being
# returned by the identity URL.
# Don't allow direct access to the .html file, so that there's no
# confusion about which one is the idenity URL. This redirect means
# that no matter which of the direct content URL or the desired
# identity URL is entered, only the desired identity URL will be used
# by YADIS consumers.
RewriteEngine On

# In order for this test to succeed, RewriteEngine must be turned On
# in the site-wide apache configuration. Unless it is, the SCRIPT_URL
# variable will not be set.
RewriteCond "%{ENV:SCRIPT_URL}" "^/yadis-test/apache/home.html$"

# Redirect requests for the non-YADIS content to the identity URL.
RewriteRule "^home.html$" "/yadis-test/apache/identity" [R,L]

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