0livier/emacs-starter-kit/master/elpa-to-submit/nxhtml/nxhtml/.htaccess - Htaccess File


AddDescription "Enhancements to David Ponce's swbuff" swbuff-y.el
AddDescription "Functions for interactive resize of windows" bw-interactive.el
AddDescription "(Obsolete - included in Emacs 22)" bw-base.el
AddDescription "View current buffer as html in web browser" htmlize-view.el
AddDescription "Finding source code inside a function from *Backtrace* buffer" backtr.el

AddDescription "Helpers for inferior shells on w32" w32shell.el
AddDescription "Edit MS Windows cmd and bat files" cmd-mode.el

AddDescription "My current .emacs" .emacs

AddDescription "Package specific information for install.el" instpack.el
AddDescription "Installed elisp packages activation" instactv.el
AddDescription "Package to ease installation of Elisp packages" install.el

AddDescription "Downloading URLs to file" url-dl.el

# Directories
AddDescription "Things not quite ready yet" test
AddDescription "Elisp packages installation" inst
AddDescription "nxhtml-mode" nxhtml
AddDescription "MS Windows specific stuff" w32

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