aM3z/si_app/master/.htaccess - Htaccess File


# Wave Framework <>
# Apache Configuration
# Apache commands are stored in this file. This file loads the RewriteEngine, which is used 
# redirect all HTTP requests, except those to /static/ folders and those that are PHP files 
# itself, to Index Gateway stored in /index.php. These commands and Wave Framework itself 
# only work when RewriteEngine is supported on the web server.
# @package    Index Gateway
# @author     Kristo Vaher <>
# @copyright  Copyright (c) 2012, Kristo Vaher
# @license    GNU Lesser General Public License Version 3
# @tutorial   /doc/pages/rewrites.htm
# @since      1.0.0
# @version    3.1.4

# This is required on some server setups for RewriteEngine to work properly
# But this can also throw 500 errors on some hosting environments, if it does then remove it
Options +FollowSymLinks 

# RewriteEngine is required to make Index gateway work correctly
RewriteEngine on

# Files from static folder are served directly
RewriteRule ^resources/static/ - [L]
RewriteRule ^filesystem/static/ - [L]

# Everything that is not a PHP file is redirected to index.php
# If you do not wish to redirect all to index.php, then write different RewriteRules for this reason
# Everything redirected through Index gateway will make a small hit on performance, but offer better handling and control in PHP
RewriteRule !^(.*).php$ ./index.php [QSA,L]

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