MythTV/beirdobot/master/web/.htaccess - Htaccess File


# .htaccess file for Beirdobot.  Please read the descriptive comments for help
# using these directives in your own setup.  If you so desire (and for a small
# increase in efficiency, you can put this entire block into the apache config
# for your Beirdobot host configuration).
# @url       $URL$
# @date      $Date: 2006-02-17 14:28:54 -0800 (Fri, 17 Feb 2006) $
# @version   $Revision: 9023 $
# @author    $Author: xris $

# I *strongly* urge you to turn on authentication for Beirdobot congfiguration.
# It is disabled by default because it requires you to set up your own password
# file.  Please see the man page for htdigest and then configure the folowing
# directives to suit your authentication needs.
#    AuthType           Digest
#    AuthName           "Beirdobot"
#    AuthDigestFile     /var/www/htdigest
#    <Location config>
#        Require        valid-user
#    </Location>

# Some special instructions for the PHP files of MythWeb.
    <FilesMatch ".php$">

    # Use the following environment settings to tell Beirdobot where you want it
    # to look to connect to the database, the name of the database to connect
    # to, and the authentication info to use to connect.  The defaults will
    # usually work fine unless you've change the bot's commandline options, or
    # are running Beirdobot on a different server from your database.  Make sure
    # you have mod_env enabled.
        setenv db_server        "localhost"
        setenv db_name          "beirdobot"
        setenv db_login         "beirdobot"
        setenv db_password      "beirdobot"

    # By default, php will always search the current directory for include files,
    # but if you wish to install these directories outside of the current path
    # (eg. for security reasons), set this variable to the directory that
    # contains the directories like languages and templates.  eg.
    #   setenv include_path      "/usr/share/mythweb"

    #  These settings are intended for apache 2.x.  If your version of apache
    #  doesn't support php_value, or things like memory_limit aren't working
    #  as expected, then use these settings as examples for your own php.ini
    #  files.
        php_value safe_mode                     0

        php_value memory_limit                  32M

        php_value session.save_path             php_sessions

        php_value output_buffering              4096
        php_value register_globals              0
        php_value magic_quotes_gpc              0
        php_value file_uploads                  0
        php_value allow_url_fopen               On

        php_value zlib.output_handler           Off
        php_value zlib.output_compression       16384
        php_value zlib.output_compression_level 4

        php_value url_rewriter.tags             a=href,area=href,frame=src,input=src,form=action

    # These values do not change - bug in php
        php_value output_handler                NULL

    # php_flag does not work in older versions of php
        php_flag output_handler                 "NULL"
        php_flag short_open_tag                 "On"


# The settings below relate specifically to mod_rewrite and the rewrite engine
# used to make the Beirdobot user experience a little easier to deal with by
# simplifying the URL's neeced to access the various sections.  Do not touch
# these settings.

# If Beirdobot is installed outside of the document root (eg. using Alias) then
# you will need to set this directive to the base URL that Beirdobot is visible
# from externally.  If you do not, the web server will return 'not found'.  eg.
    RewriteBase    /ircLog

# Turn on the rewrite engine
    RewriteEngine  on

# The following two rewrite rules are used to redirect output from an old  
# PircBot install to a beirdobot install.  Be sure to change "/bot/" to the  
# actual web path used on your install as this will be redirecting to it.  
    RewriteCond    %{QUERY_STRING}  ^date=(d{4}-d{2}-d{2})$
    RewriteRule    ^index.php    /bot/channel/1/%1?    [L,R=permanent]

    RewriteRule    ^index.php    /bot/  [L,R=permanent]

# Skip out early if we've already been through rewrites,
# or if this is a /css/, /js/ or /cache/ directory request.
    RewriteRule    ^(js|data|skins|[a-z_]+.php)(/|$)       -             [L]

# Redirect most of the remaining URL requests to the main beirdobot script.
# It will then handle any requests given to it.
    RewriteRule     ^(.+)$                  beirdobot.php/$1              [QSA,L]

# If you're experiencing trouble with the previous line in your copy of apache,
# you could instead use something like:
#    RewriteRule     ^([w-]+(/.*)?)?$      beirdobot.php?PATH_INFO=/$1   [L,QSA]

# Catch anything else that comes through and send it to beirdobot.php with no parameters.
    RewriteRule     ^(.*)$                  beirdobot.php                 [QSA,L]

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